Minute 91 – Demolition Speedskating – The Great Muppet Caper

The thieves take the diamond and The Muppets attack!


I love how Nicky does nothing!

Carla takes the diamond… Fozzie pops down on one side; Animal on the other

  • Scooter, Beauregard and Kermit drop down on Nicky
  • Animal attacks Carla… she tosses diamond to Marla… who tosses it to Darla
  • Gonzo falls
  • Janice and Lew Zealand slide down poles
  • Rats come down a rope
  • Fozzie finally falls

Why Darla tosses it, I don’t know

Animal impressively catches it in his mouth; then spits it out to Rowlf… who tosses it to Lew Zealand… who tosses it to the freakishly odd looking hands and arms of Dr. Teeth… who tosses it to Fozzie… who tosses it to Pops

Animal continues to chase the women around

GONZO PHOTO: Jewel Thieves

GONZO PHOTO: Dr. Teeth with the Baseball Diamond

Louis Kazagger

Provided commentary for the Muppet Sports sketches on The Muppet Show.

Loosely inspired by Howard Cosell

Kazagger’s last hurrah came in 1992, appearing in a series of sports sketches for Good Morning America. There, he interviewed Gonzo about the Geek Winter Games and discussed the sport of Demolition Speedskating.

Ladies Night

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