Minute 88 – Very Lisa Frank – The Great Muppet Caper

Nicky and his crew are in the control room as The Muppets try to enter from the roof.


I think everything I love about caper I remember from the first and last 20 minutes of the movie

The motorcycle feels and rolls and sounds like a plastic toy… I feel with all the cool effects in the film, that one is a little off. no weight to the bike

2 minutes ago; down on luck… now; lucky… would be funny if it was also out of gas

Comes with a sparkly suit

Closer look at the doctor’s sonic screwdriver they use to open the door to the “Control Room”

Nice 80’s looking electronics… this is what it will look like in the year 2000

  • Reminds me of Mel Brook’s computer in The Muppet Movie
  • Also reminds me of the fake control board switches in the cockpit on Mission Space at Epcot

Bunson has Beaker reluctantly test it

– Light up eyes
– Hair stands up
– Smoke off the head

*** Beaker never gets electrocuted on the roof of the Mallory Gallery. Instead, Animal gets shocked when he tries to bite through the electric fence.

Animal is fascinated by it
Kermit’s face puckers a little
Bunson’s face is like, yup, active

Very good Beaker… like he shut it off?

Kermit – Oh good

Animal… do your stuff…

(These are mostly my thoughts and observations. I have occasionally added some of Annie’s thoughts after the recording. I have done my best to attribute info where needed. Many of the more common facts about the film and The Muppets are not directly attributed to any one source. It is not my intention to claim all of the above information as my own. If you find a place that needs attribution, please contact me with the source and I will be happy to add it.)