Minute 87 – Super Wheels Stunt Team – The Great Muppet Caper

The Muppets climb up to the top of the Mallory Gallery to avoid the guard dogs. Miss Piggy lucks into a new ride.


I like that underneath shot looking toward the roof

I love how Scooter is behind Kermit and Gonzo but ends up to be first up the pole

They are throwing things back to slow down the dogs

It’s so well blocked. Scooter and Beauregard are the first to go up from out under the crowd

Up the Pole

  • This is crazy impressive. They double down on it but going back for close ups multiple times.
  • Grabbing looks awesome and looking back scared

(great clip in the movie Muppet Guys Talking about this stunt… video pulled off YouTube)

Animal comes flying in

Heavy breathing on the roof

Rowlf talks to the guard dogs


Piggy – Super Wheels Stunt Team truck

Motorcycle falls out

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