Minute 66 – Don’t Know What the Intent Is – The Great Muppet Caper

Lady Holiday’s fashion show begins and the models strut their stuff down the runway.


I felt like this was a long minute with more dialogue and action than we have seen in a while

Gonzo Photo: People in Fashion Show audience

  • What does he see?
  • Who is he taking a photo of?
  • At least he is still at it even after the evidence exposure debacle

Waldorf and Statler

  • Off their game this movie
  • Nice lines


  • White pleated collar alluring

Taken aback by the flutter of godets

  • A godet is an extra piece of fabric in the shape of a circular sector which is set into a garment, usually a dress or skirt. The addition of a godet causes the article of clothing in question to flare, thus adding width and volume. Adding a godet to a piece of clothing also gives the wearer a wider range of motion.

Carla winks at Darla


  • Décolletage
    • a low neckline on a woman’s dress or top.

The fashion models are great at looking angry and suspicious

Piggy watching on

Tiny weenie…


Katia Bong as 1st Model

Michele Ivan-Zadeh as 3rd Model

Chai Lee as 4th Model

(These are mostly my thoughts and observations. I have occasionally added some of Annie’s thoughts after the recording. I have done my best to attribute info where needed. Many of the more common facts about the film and The Muppets are not directly attributed to any one source. It is not my intention to claim all of the above information as my own. If you find a place that needs attribution, please contact me with the source and I will be happy to add it.)