Minute 62 – Rats don’t Have Feathers – The Great Muppet Caper

The historic bike ride continues as Kermit and Piggy are joined by the rest of The Muppet cast.


Couldn’t We Ride

Side by side

Why couldn’t we fly

I know we’d get by

Sunny sky

Pretty day

Just a push

And we’re on the way

Yes couldn’t we ride

Side by side

Couldn’t we ride


Kermit gets stuck and Piggy comes back to nonchalantly catch him falling from a tree


Then the rest of The Muppets show up riding bikes!


Joined by everyone in the park


Although marionette devices continued to be used in this sequence, the process was simplified when multiple bicycles were in the same shot. Two bicycles could be connected together with a stiff rod from axle to axle, eliminating the need to hold the bicycles up and enabling them both to be pulled from in front. In shots of the whole Muppet gang, the entire mass of bicycles — all wired together — was pulled by a fleet of over-sized tricycles and bicycles, ridden by Brian Henson and other performers. Another innovation in this sequence was the use of radio controls to move the characters’ mouths in long shots.

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