Minute 47 – Another Women – The Great Muppet Caper

Nicky unlocks a door to let Carla, Marla and Darla into the club. They look like they are up to no good.


Nicky leaves the door unlocked

Carla, Marla and Darla not suspiciously at all shut off their headlights early, probably illegally park and hurry into a back alley entrance

Freaked out she opened the door while driving… then remembered they were in England

What is that arrow for on side of building?


Carla – Not opposed to the ruffles on the neck

Darla – Always looks fantastic

Marla – Looks like a wig


Awkwardly walking around


Love the shot where she goes behind the mirror wall and we see the other model on the other side

“The First Time It Happens”


The first time you see her

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