Minute 46 – Playing it Way Too Cool – The Great Muppet Caper

Kermit and Piggy continue to dance as Nicky acts a bit shady.


Kermit and Piggy continue dancing

Fozzie dumping sugar into…. Water?

Enough sugar, tastes like ginger ale

  • Impressive puppeteering there… maneuvering the hands
  • Disgusting liquid on fur
  • Think the women he told about it cares?

Charles Grodin continues his constant movement and overacting

Lady Holiday afraid her jewels are going to be stolen

“Thieves aren’t breathing down your neck”

  • Foreshadowing

Nicky sneaks out

  • Different color socks
  • Who is he unlocking the door for!!??

Feels like an old fashioned camera movement… the pan and zoom on zany action

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