Minute 43 – I Had to Give You My Oldsmobile Story – The Great Muppet Caper

“Night Life” wraps up and so does the Happiness Hotel Courtesy Bus ride around London. The Muppets arrive at the Dubonnet Club. Kermit and Miss Piggy are seated at the table for their date… and they are joined by Fozzie and Gonzo.


“Night Life”

(one soundtrack only)

And if you can’t dig it, baby

I’m movin’ on

Sing me the good times

‘Cause I need the feelin’, yeah

Gimme my night life

Gimme my night life

Dubonnet Club

Filmed at Elstree Studios

Historically, the name “Elstree Studios” has referred to several film studios that were based in the town of Elstree and Borehamwood in Hertfordshire, England. Most of these studios are now closed, and the phrase is commonly used as the name of Elstree Film and Television Studios, a privately run production facility owned by Hertsmere Borough Council.

The Jim Henson Company filmed several movies at the studio, and The Muppet Show was filmed at one of the Elstree studios in its ITV days. George Lucas was also a regular at the studio, making the Star Wars and Indiana Jones films at Elstree.

Band – playing instrumental version of the “Steppin’ Out With a Star”

Stark contrast in color…

  • Went from a colorful world to a grey, black and white world with colorful Muppets stuck on top of it
  • Art Deco

Club Obi Wan

Roast Beef same price as an Oldsmobile

  • Price of Oldsmobile in 1981 – $5,743.00

(These are mostly my thoughts and observations. I have occasionally added some of Annie’s thoughts after the recording. I have done my best to attribute info where needed. Many of the more common facts about the film and The Muppets are not directly attributed to any one source. It is not my intention to claim all of the above information as my own. If you find a place that needs attribution, please contact me with the source and I will be happy to add it.)