The Great Muppet Caper Minute 41 – Who is Running the Hotel

We have our last moments with Dorcas and Neville. Kermit and Piggy head out on their date via the Happiness Hotel Courtesy Bus filled to the brim with Muppets.


Last moments with Dorkis and Neville

  • Called Piggy a he
  • Called Kermit a lizard

Kermit the Lizard

In one Ask response, Henson Archivist Karen Falk provided the following quote on the issue made by Jim Henson in 1985:

“When I started doing this little local television show, Kermit was more a lizard-like character. We frogafied him over a couple of television specials we did years ago, before Sesame Street. So he just slowly became a frog. I don’t think there was a conscious move to do that…

He’s very primitive as a puppet goes because he’s really like a glorified sock puppet. But he changed a little bit – a few years after I first made him because when I first made him, he was – all my characters in those days were abstract. And he was sort of a lizard-like character. And then after a few years, we changed and made more of a frog-like body for him and gave him flippers for feet. And that was for a special we did called The Frog Prince that he became more of a frog.”

Supper Club

Supper clubs in the UK adopted the cabaret concept of the American 1930s and 1940s and aimed to bring the ambience of the underground New York jazz club to the UK entertainment scene, where people could enjoy a dinner without the formality of a ball, whilst enjoying live music.


“New flame”

Pops – “The back seat is quarantined”


Happiness Hotel Bus waits for Kermit and Piggy

Now we know how Kermit got there

Harsh lighting on the windows

Fozzie on the back by the explosion

Gonzo on the hood

“Night Life” – A little travelin music

Love Song


“Night Life”

Gimme my good friends

And play me my


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