The Great Muppet Caper Minute 18 – All Yes People

Kermit, Fozzie and Gonzo go to bed. We are introduced to Lady Holiday in her fashion design headquarters.


Fozzie Hungry; Something from one or more of the basic food groups


  • The puppeteers are in the bed aren’t they!!??
  • Bed folds up
  • Dust falls out
  • Light goes out
  • Gonzo enjoys that part of the bed

Introduction to Lady Holiday

The filming location of this office is:

34 Chesham place, Belgravia, London

Diana Rigg

Lady Holiday

  • Diana Rigg first gained prominence amongst American audiences for playing the sultry, leather-clad Mrs. Emma Peel on the TV series The Avengers (a role which netted her two Emmy Award nominations).

  • Acclaimed stage work
  • Rigg’s movie roles included Tracy (the only woman to marry James Bond) in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Miss Drummond in The Hospital (with George C. Scott), Vincent Price’s daughter in the thriller Theater of Blood, and the victim in the Agatha Christie adaptation Evil Under the Sun.
  • In 1989, she replaced Vincent Price as the host of the PBS series Mystery!, which she helmed until 2003. She also starred in The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries and won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress as the grim Mrs. Danvers in Masterpiece Theater’s 1997 version of Rebecca.
  • 2013 guest spot on Doctor Who
  • Game of Thrones (as Olenna Tyrell)

  • In a 2015 interview for The AV Club, she explained why she appeared in The Great Muppet Caper.
    • “I did it for my daughter, who was passionately in love with Miss Piggy. She was about 5 or 6, and she came to the studio with a couple of friends to meet Miss Piggy, and she burst into tears when she saw Miss Piggy.”

Phone gags are just not as good anymore with the advent of cordless phones

Snipping of the model’s hair

Inking of the model’s dress

  • Great job at that one
  • Wonderful toss of the bottle
  • Looks like the girl behind the model is catching it but is actually clapping


  • Discussing her robbery
  • Call the United States
  • Paris should be notified
  • Very Muppety for kids dialogue

(These are mostly my thoughts and observations. I have occasionally added some of Annie’s thoughts after the recording. I have done my best to attribute info where needed. Many of the more common facts about the film and The Muppets are not directly attributed to any one source. It is not my intention to claim all of the above information as my own. If you find a place that needs attribution, please contact me with the source and I will be happy to add it.)