The Great Muppet Caper Minute 15 – He’s Way Into Jugbands

As the rats carry the guest’s luggage to the rooms, the band continues to sing “The Happiness Hotel” as The Electric Mayhem join in.

Special Guest: Dustin


Look at those Rats run with the luggage

  • Amazing visual effect
  • Legs move like toys
  • Feels like they are one unit on a track

Sweedish Chef

Bunsen and Beaker

Electric Mayhem


Lubbock Lou and his Jughuggers

  • The second jugband to be featured on The Muppet Show, replacing the Gogolala Jubilee Jugband in the second season.
  • Performed the famous Dueling Banjos scene with Steve Martin

  • Last performance: Rocky Mountain Holiday with John Denver in 1983


“Happiness Hotel”

(Dialogue) Kermit: Y’know, I may be mistaken but the bellhops look like rats.

Rowlf: You should see the chambermaids!


Welcome home (welcome home),

Welcome home (welcome home),

No matter where you wander you will never do as well


Okay, the lobby’s looking shabby and it’s got the wrong address


And the whole dang thing has been condemned by American Express


Still the management is cheerful though the whole joint’s gone to hell

The Electric Mayhem-all:

Well, welcome home, to the Happiness Hotel.

(Dialogue) Kermit: [to the Electric Mayhem]: You guys live here?

Floyd: Yeah, but only between gigs, so that means we’ve been here this time…what?…five years?

Janice: Well, like, okay, y’know, I mean, like, okay, things are really gonna break as soon as we get our new glossies!

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