The Great Muppet Caper Minute 14 – From Gaffer to Yoda

The residents of the hotel sing “The Happiness Hotel” as they welcome their new guests. We first meet Rizzo the Rat.

Special Guest: Dustin


More hitting table; stuff moves gags

Digital Fly

Were they not recommended this place because it is free?

Eye Patch Cat – Gaffer

Steam coming from vent


  • Feels out of place here

Scooter Gennett of the Cincinnati Reds is named after Scooter

  • Gennett gained his nickname[13] Scooter from the character “Scooter” on the show “Muppet Babies” after a childhood incident with the police. As a child, he would constantly remove his seatbelt while travelling in the car, angering his mother. His mother then took Scooter to the police to attempt to scare him into keeping the seat belt on. When the police asked for Gennett’s name, he replied with Scooter instead of his birth name, and has gone by it ever since.[citation needed]
  • On June 6, 2017, Gennett hit a record-tying four home runs (including a grand slam) and had a career-high 10 RBI against the St. Louis Cardinals. He is the 17th player in MLB history and first in Reds history to hit four home runs in a game, and the seventh to hit home runs in four consecutive at bats in the same game.
  • Gennett was named to the 2018 Major League Baseball All-Star Game.[12] In the bottom of the ninth inning, Gennett hit a game-tying 2-run home run off Edwin Díaz, but the N.L. lost to the A.L. 8-6.


Annie Sue is a young female pig singer on The Muppet Show. Miss Piggy saw the cute young singing pig as a rival for Kermit’s attention and the audience’s affection. However, Annie Sue saw Piggy as a role model. She was specially designed for her regular Muppeteer, Louise Gold.

Background character mostly after Season 3

Background in Muppets Most Wanted

Annie Sue is an example of one of the few right-handed Muppet characters, because her performer, Louise Gold is left-handed.


“Happiness Hotel”


Oh there’s no fire in the fireplace there’s no carpet on the floor

Don’t try to order dinner, there’s no kitchen anymore

But if the road’s been kind of bumpy and you need to rest a spell


Well, welcome home, to Happiness Hotel.

(Dialogue) Pops: Hey, how you guys fixing to pay?

Kermit: What are our choices?

Pops: A) cash, b) credit card, c) sneak out in the middle of the night.

Fozzie: We’ll take “c.”

Pops: Very popular choice.


If you got luggage keep it handy but you’re runnin’ out of luck

Cause the bellhops ain’t too organized and the elevator’s stuck


So if you don’t mind friendly animals and can learn to stand the smell


Well, welcome home, to the Happiness Hotel.

(These are mostly my thoughts and observations. I have occasionally added some of Annie’s thoughts after the recording. I have done my best to attribute info where needed. Many of the more common facts about the film and The Muppets are not directly attributed to any one source. It is not my intention to claim all of the above information as my own. If you find a place that needs attribution, please contact me with the source and I will be happy to add it.)