The Great Muppet Caper Minute 5 – You Didn’t Say Fonzie at Least

Kermit sets the scene for the audience and we witness a daring mid-day robbery.


Kermit explains the premise and they get a wardrobe change

  • Crack investigative reporters for the Daily Chronicle
  • Gonzo is the photographer


“Hey, A Movie!”

Kermit: There’ll be crooks and cops!

There’ll be villainy!

But with us on call

We’ll fix it all real easily

All: Hey! A movie!

Fozzie: Wow! It’s gonna be terrific!

All: Starring everybody…!

Nicky (Charles Grodin): — And me!

(Musical interlude)

I love Kermit’s classic interest in what the other Muppets are doing… like its a good thing Gonzo is taking a photo of that chicken.

  • Even Fozzie agrees
  • It’s the perfect distraction from the “real story” going on right behind them.

The Frakles in the cage

The Mutations

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